Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Breaking the Global Scientific Supremacy through Open Access Journals

Quality Science Produced from Asian and other non-English speaking Countries is not getting cited and reaching the scientific fraternity.
LOS ANGELESNov. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Srinubabu Gedela, CEO, OMICS International, said, open access journals are all set to break the supremacy over the global information and scientific research in order to quell the knowledge gap.
Although the Global Research and development expenditure is reaching two trillion dollars (US$), the research outcome is not attaining limelight due to the closed access publication models. It is out of reach to research community and tax payers, as they remained inaccessible. Genuine and quality oriented research outcome must be published in the open access journals in order to harness the benefits before the research get obsolete.
Global R&D spending region wise, asian countries share (ChinaJapanIndia and South Korea) an increased total of 40% while South and North American share is decreasing to 30% from 35%. European R&D estimated expenditure is at 20% and 10% from rest of the world. China is expected to overtake Europe and United States in terms of R&D budget by 2020. As per GDP, Israel and Korea are the biggest spenders on R&D at 4.21% and 4.15% followed by Japan (3.49%), Finland(3.32%) and Sweden (3.12%).
The global industry and academic funding reveals the United States share as $514 billion followed by, China ($397)Japan($167)Germany ($109)South Korea ($77) and India ($72). Over the years, even though the funding from the Asian countries is on rise, their quality research results are not visible to the rest of the world. The articles originated from these countries are not getting cited frequently compared to the English speaking countries. "Probably this is due to limited reach or the inability of the non-English speaking world to articulate the same in English. The dominance of English in R&D is hindering many Asian and African scientists and open access journals could bridge these language barriers," Gedela added.
About: OMICS International with its 2000+ employees has been a pioneer in the dissemination of scientific information on healthcare through open access. With the help of 50000+ well-qualified scientists as editorial board members OMICS Group is able to grow from 10 journals in 2009 to 700 peer reviewed journals by 2016 with an increased reader base of 30 million. OMICS International's hosts 3000+ global annual meetings and celebrating November, an academic writing month.
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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Meet expert keynote speakers @ Euro Vaccines 2017

Book your slot for 16th Euro Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines & Vaccination going to be held during June 19-21, 2017 Paris, France. The conference highlights the theme “Accelerating Next Generation Vaccines for Global Health” covering all important aspects in Vaccines and therapeutics.

For more details please go through our conference website: 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Euro Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines & Vaccination

About Conference

Conference Series LLC look forward to welcoming all the participants across the globe to attend 16th Euro Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines & Vaccination” going to be held during June 19-21, 2017 in Paris, France. The conference highlights the theme “Accelerating Next Generation Vaccines for Global Health” covering all important aspects in Vaccines and Vaccinations.
Euro Vaccines 2017 conference features highly enlightening and interactive sessions to encourage the exchange of ideas across a wide range of disciplines in the field of vaccination and therapeutics. The conference includes explicit keynote talks from distinguished scientists, plenary sessions, Poster competition, Young Researcher sessions, Symposiums, Workshop and Exhibitions.

Why to attend???
With members from around the world focused on learning about Vaccinology/Immunology and its advances; this is your best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the Immunology/Vaccinology community. Conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with current and potential scientists, make a splash with new vaccines developments, and receive name recognition at this event. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, developments, and the newest updates in Immunology/Vaccinology are hallmarks of this conference.

Conference Highlights

  • Human vaccines - infectious and non-infectious diseases
  • Vaccine Research & Development
  • Cancer Vaccines
  • HIV Vaccines
  • Vaccine Safety & Efficacy
  • Vaccination for pregnant women
  • Childhood Vaccines
  • Vaccine Adjuvants & Delivery Technologies
  • Immunization for Older Adults
  • Vaccines against Viral & Bacterial Diseases
  • DNA Vaccines
  • HPV Vaccines
  • Veterinary vaccines
  • Tuberculosis Vaccines
  • Mucosal Vaccines
  • Vaccines against Vector-borne Diseases
  • Human Preventive & Therapeutic Vaccines
  • Plant-based Vaccines

  •  Special Issues

    • All accepted abstracts will be published in respective International Journals.
    • Abstracts will be provided with Digital Object Identifier by Cross Ref.